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Yakatabune Harumiya

Venue Details

6-17-12 Higashisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0074

Tel: +81-3-3644-1344

Fax: +81-3-3644-5445

Yakatabune Harumiya offers a cruise that traverses Sumida River, sails under Rainbow Bridge, and heads to the Odaiba waterfront district. Reflecting an Edo tradition (1603~1868), these pleasure boats seat guests on cushions in a tatami straw-mat room where delicious Japanese dishes are served, often including tempura deep-fried ingredients and sashimi raw fish. Windows along both sides offer clear views. Leg wells and seating against the walls, as well as in the middle aisle, provide western-style comfort aboard five boats of varying sizes, accommodating from 20 to 135 guests. Guide commentary is available in English, French and Russian. There are other paid options such as vaudeville-type entertainers and geisha dancers.

Maximum Capacity

135 people

Rooms & Facilities

Boat Banquet
Shirasagi 135
Kachidoki 108
Janbo 90
Fenikkusu 78
Chitose 60
Akane 60

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