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MICE-related information for Tokyo following the Great East Japan Earthquake

11 May 2011 / NEWS

To All Congress Organizers,
Meeting Planners and
our friends in the industry around the world,Two months have now passed since the earthquake and the resultant tsunami of March 11 impacted the North East of Japan. The following is an update on the latest situation in the capital city.

Tokyo - Open for BusinessThe city's outstanding convention and meeting facilities are fully functioning and operating as normal. Hotels are keen to welcome guests from around the world with visitors looking for a bargain able to take advantage of some excellent rates. Tokyo's world-famous public transportation system is its regular paragon of punctuality, safety and comfort. While the shopping districts of Ginza and Shinjuku may have dimmed their lights as part of the collective bid to save power, the shops and department shops are fully stocked and offering shoppers some exceptional bargains. Japan's restaurants continue to serve the world's finest cuisine, safe in the knowledge that the country has some of the world's most stringent food safety regulations and produce is carefully and rigorously monitored.

Tokyo - The Place to MeetAs one of Asia's most popular places for companies, associations and groups to meet, convene and exchange ideas we are both proud and pleased to say that many organizations have maintained their faith in the city and continued with events.

Event Calendar in TokyoTokyo - Bring Back Your BusinessThe simple fact is that there are as many, in some ways more, reasons to book an event, group or conference to Tokyo as ever. The same outstanding infrastructure is in place and the service is as exceptional as ever. What is particular to the current situation is the following:
  • Hotel and venue rates are more attractive than ever.
  • The enhanced flexibility being shown by hospitality service providers will ensure a remarkable and successful event.
  • Now is the time to show support and commitment to the people and companies of Tokyo, thereby cementing long-lasting relationships and earning a respect that will be repaid many times over in the years to come.
We are here to help you rediscover Tokyo and will be happy to assist in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us at