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Prince Hotels' “TOKYO MICE CITY” project launched from April 2010, centering on the Takanawa/Shinagawa area

26 Jul 2010 / NEWS

In April 2010, Prince Hotels, Inc. launched the PRINCE “TOKYO MICE CITY” PROJECT. This is a new project centering on the Prince Hotels situated in the Takanawa/Shinagawa area that is designed to engage in active efforts to attract MICE.

The Takanawa/Shinagawa area is one of the largest transport hubs in Tokyo, with Shinkansen, standard rail and subway connections, and direct, non-stop access to both Narita and Haneda airports. The four Prince Hotels in this area boast a wealth of MICE-related facilities, with a total of 131 meeting facilities, ranging from small and medium-sized rooms suitable for all types of meeting, to a 2, 000 sq. m. hall capable of accommodating large-scale international conferences. With a combined total of 5, 340 hotel rooms, the Prince Hotels in the Takanawa/Shinagawa area offer one of the largest hospitality complexes in Japan. In addition, the hotels benefit from many traditional Japanese features, including lush Japanese gardens, and the surrounding area has many entertainment facilities and outlets for post-convention events, including an aquarium and concert hall.

When the fourth runway at Haneda airport is put into operation, the airport will be run on a 24-hour basis and opened to a full range of international flights, making access to the Takanawa/Shinagawa area even more convenient from both Japan and overseas. Prince Hotels, Inc. is dedicated to actively attracting MICE events, centering on this lively and accessible area.