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MICE Research Institute launches "Japan after 3.11" site

06 May 2011 / PRESS RELEASES

MICE Research Institute launches “Japan after 3.11” site.
Live, accurate updates on Japan’s return to normal, highlighting information for MICE.
*MICE:Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions/Events
We extend our condolences and deepest sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives and all those who are suffering from the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. As an organization involved with the MICE industry, we intend to put forth our utmost efforts to
contribute to the soonest possible recovery and revitalization of the affected areas.

Promotion of international MICE events in Japan and participants from around the globe
After the devastating earthquake and tsunami followed by the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the number of foreign visitors to Japan has declined sharply. According to statistics compiled by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the number of foreign visitors in March 2011 decreased by 50.3% compared to March 2010, and numerous international conferences and events were cancelled or postponed. The travel industry as a whole and the MICE industry in particular have suffered a severe setback.

The Japanese government and other concerned authorities have undertaken a number of initiatives to counter the decrease of foreign travelers caused by inaccurate rumors about safety in post-disaster Japan. By providing up-to-date information related closely to the MICE industry, we will tackle the problem from the position of the private sector and thus work towards silencing the rumors and reducing the negative impact on the industry.

Disseminating accurate information to reassure overseas clients and organizers about Japan’s safetyThe MICE Research Institute has launched a unique website providing a wide range of information in
English, where MICE professionals from around the world will be able to obtain first-hand, up-to-date
information about the post-disaster and recovery situation.

※ This initiative is the first of its kind undertaken by the private sectorin Japan

・The website opened on May 10, 00:00 hrs (May 9, 24:00 hrs).

With the exception of the main areas affected by the disaster, Japan's convention facilities will convey real-time information about their operating status through this website. We believe that it will help our colleagues and clients overseas to eliminate concerns they may have about safety so that they can enjoy visiting our country. Also, we will relay “Japan is safe!” messages from overseas visitors currently participating in business meetings, conferences and other events in Japan.

In addition, this website will release the latest safety-related data and notices regarding the lifting
of travel warnings concerning post-disaster Japan issued by foreign governments. We hope that this site will convince overseas visitors and those who are considering holding MICE events that they can enjoy safe and secure travel in Japan, as normal.

Furthermore, we will provide links to websites introducing local events and up-to-date information about Japan's major international airports and public transportation network. Links to public websites will provide real-time nationwide radiation monitoring results and monitoring data for drinking water, etc. - a wide variety of information that will be useful for people planning to travel to Japan.

Toward the full-fledged revival of JapanThis site is launched to help people around the world, MICE professionals, organizations engaged in the MICE industry and international MICE participants to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the post-earthquake safety and security in Japan.

International MICE events held in Japan and other travel activities are indeed essential for the swift recovery of the country. Through this site we will tell the world that visiting Japan is the best contribution to the reconstruction and revitalization of our country.

We hope that all conference organizers, Japanese MICE professionals and all concerned parties including venue and facility managers will inform their respective partners overseas about this site so that the news about a safe post-disaster Japan spreads around the world.We believe that by conveying the news about a safe and secure Japan, we will contribute to the full recovery and revitalization of our country.

We would ask all of you, media representatives, to make the existence of this website known to conference organizers, MICE professionals and all concerned parties, including venue and facility managers, etc. so that they can spread the news to their respective partners and MICE participants around the world.

【Reference:MICE Research Institute】
The MICE Research Institute is the first private-sector think tank specializing in MICE.

The MICE Research Institute was established in February this year, backed up by the wealth of experience and know-how of the Congress Corporation Group, the convention industry leader. It engages in practical research and consulting forthe MICEindustry, through activities such as wide-ranging analysis of all aspects of MICE, dissemination of research results and information, and planning and consulting aimed at improving the convenience, users’ benefits and cost performance of public convention facilities. Through these activities the MICE Research Institute is working towards enhancing the MICE industry, revitalizing Japan’s regional economies and promoting the tourism industry in order to realize the objective of becoming a tourism-oriented nation. The MICE Research Institute is the first private think tank of its kind in Japan.

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