Tokyo MICE Hubs

In Tokyo, there are several areas where meeting spaces, exhibition halls and accommodations are located closely to each other. These areas are working together to positively attract business events to Tokyo. These are the representative areas to which TCVB is offering support/advice.

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    Roppongi Area

    Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Roppongi was established mainly by the private companies and hotels located in the vicinity of Roppongi. This area is strongly international, with a futuristic atmosphere. Around the Roppongi Area, there are various convention facilities which can accommodate a variety of uses. Academic facilities best suit corporate meetings or academic conferences, while luxury hotels and unique venues are perfect for holding incentive events. As these facilities are located close to each other, it is possible to hold large conventions using multiple facilities simultaneously. In addition to meeting facilities, DMO Roppongi offers a one-stop solution for various services including accommodation, party planning, activities and more.

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    Tokyo Marunouchi Area

    The Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas are located in central Tokyo. They provide convenient access to Tokyo Station, and many others. Major companies in and outside of Japan have been integrated to make this area the focal point of economic activity as an international business center. Top-class resources, including hotel meeting facilities and unique venues, are accumulated in the heart of the Metropolis. DMO Tokyo Marunouchi and its community look forward to welcoming clients as a major pillar of urban-style business events, and so utilize its recourses in the best possible way.

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    Waterfront Area

    Tokyo Waterfront Area is the ideal place to hold business events in a compact manner. A great location with excellent access from both Haneda and Narita airports, this area also has a high concentration of various facilities, including hotels, commercial facilities, and even the biggest exhibition center in Japan - Tokyo Big Sight. The Waterfront Area attracts many visitors from both within Japan and throughout the world. The surrounding ocean gives an open feel, and the splendid view commanding the Tokyo Gate Bridge or Tokyo Sky Tree® makes this location a leading base for business events and international tourism. Furthermore, disaster-resistant urban infrastructure was designed ensure that this area is safe and secure.

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    Nihonbashi Area

    Nihonbashi, which had a flourishing history as the center of Edo (the former name for Tokyo), is an area where tradition blends seamlessly with modern culture. In addition to historical and cultural sites, this area offers luxury hotels, convention facilities and commercial facilities in close proximity to one another. Furthermore, while providing rich traditional experiences, this area is a center for financial and pharmaceutical companies, which makes it easy to organize or host various business events here, such as corporate or academic meetings. Remaining true to its Edo period past while enjoying its present status as a hub for modern Tokyo culture, Nihonbashi is the ideal setting for your business event.

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    Shinagawa Area

    The Shinagawa Area offers convenient access directly to and from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport due to the Shinkansen and other train lines which converge here. This area has various reception halls that can accommodate multiform use such as international meetings or corporate events, including one of the biggest banquet halls in Tokyo. While promoting the development of unique venues in making practical use of cultural resources such as facilities or temples featuring beautiful Japanese gardens, the Shinagawa area has also a variety of after-event leisure facilities, such as restaurants or an aquarium. This area will help you to make your business event a success through its extensive network of facilities.

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    Hachioji Area

    Located approximately 40-minutes by train from central Tokyo, Hachioji is surrounded by the verdant greenery of Mt. Takao, a “three-star mountain” according to France's famous Michelin guide. Hachioji is also one of the best university towns in Japan, with over 100,000 students studying at 21 universities or other academic institutions. This area is also the focal point of advanced industry and cutting-edge technology. Hachioji Area is just the place to experience a new side of Tokyo, where you can hold your business event in stunning natural surroundings without ever leaving the city.