Edo Ryouri Nishi-Azabu “Hide”


This restaurant uses ingredients that predate even traditional Japanese “Washoku” in an attempt to bring diners back to a period before Edo (the region that is now Tokyo) to serve them authentic “Edo Ryouri”. This was the first restaurant in Japan to be recognized as Halal by the United Arab Emirates Government. However, it is not only Muslims whose needs are seen to; high quality organic dishes are served here to satisfy all discerning diners. Precious Japanese teas made from only the highest-grade tealeaves and 100% fresh-squeezed grape juice are also available. Relax and enjoy Japan’s famomus “omotenashi,” or hospitality. Slip through a gap between the buildings to find a small garden, and find yourself transported back to a dear, forgotten time. Take just one step inside “Hide”, and you will forget that you were in the concrete jungle of the big city a moment ago. Take the people most important to you here to enjoy our quality service, lovely conversation, and a leisurely meal.

  • Address:
    Nishi-Azabu-FT-Building 3F 2-25-24, Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031
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  • Opening Hours:

    Dinner: 18:00 - 24:30(Last orders 23:00)
    Closed on Sonday

  • Total Capacity:
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  • Private Rooms:
    1 room for 3 to 12
  • Budget:

The ¥ marks in the Budget indicate the following price ranges.
¥: Less than ¥5,000
¥¥: ¥5,000 to ¥9,999
¥¥¥: ¥10,000 to ¥14,999
¥¥¥¥: ¥15,000 and over