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Tokyo National Museum


Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum has over 140 years of history and is known for its collection of culturally significant Asian artifacts, with a primary focus on Japan. Some of the Museum venues can be rented for a variety of exhibitions and events, with a popular choice for parties and receptions being the 490 square-meter lounge in the Heiseikan, which also has an auditorium and a lecture room. Another enchanting event space is the 251 square-meter entrance hall to the Gallery of Horyuji Treasures. There are five traditional teahouses on site and the entire garden, including all of the teahouses, can be booked for a memorable outdoor event in any season. Bookings need to be made through a Japanese agent.

13-9 Ueno-koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8712

Contact: Business Events Team at TCVB
Tel: +81-3-3822-1111, +81-3-3821-9270
Fax: +81-3-3821-9680


Total: 350

Rooms & Facilities

Building Room ( )* Floor sq. m sq. ft. Ceiling ht. (m) Theater Classroom Banquet Reception
Heiseikan Lounge 1 490 5,274 6 250 350
Auditorium 1 420 4,521 5.5 393
Seminar Room 1 89 958 4 40 70
The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures Entrance 1 251 2,702 10 100 200
Okyokan Teahouse 40

Besides the above, 4 more teahouses are available.