Tokyo's Special Offers

A variety of programs are available, including cultural program experiences and party performances depending on “Visitor Nights.” These programs will make your events more memorable and unique.


Cultural Programs

Party Entertainments

All offers are subject to change without prior notice.
The videos shown for each program are for illustration purposes, and the venue and content of the program may differ during an actual event. Please contact us for more details.
The time and maximum capacity indicated are provided as a guide only. Please inquire about the size of the group for each offering.
Special offers may vary depending on the group category. For more details, please check Corporate Events.

  1. * The lecture will be conducted by a KonMari tidying consultant certified by the KonMari Consultant Project.
  2. ** Depending on the number of people, a performance can be arranged.
  3. *** Depending on the number of people, a workshop can be arranged.