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Business Events Tokyo, Once Again, Delivers a Stunning Unique Venue Showcase


On February 15, 2024, the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau delivered its Unique Venues Showcase event with a focus on the Sumida area. The event was held at the Kokugikan (Sumo Stadium) and the Sumida Aquarium, connecting the two venues by bus and boat. Many participants, active in Tokyo's business events industry, attended the event, gaining valuable insights into how Unique Venues can be utilized for memorable business events. The Showcase was delivered in collaboration with the Sumida Tourism Association, Sumida City's Department of Industry and Tourism, and the Japanese Sumo Association.


The showcase got off to an exciting start at the Kokugikan, located in Ryogoku, a neighborhood known for all things Sumo. Taking advantage of its large stadium space used for large Sumo tournaments and its old Japan atmosphere amplified by its tsuriyane (large hanging roof), the event also had a modern touch due to stylized mood lighting transforming the venue. By removing the sumo ring and some of the seating, organizers can take advantage of a large space, which for the showcase was split into two, with a theatre-style stage on one side and a thoughtfully designed exhibition area on the other. There was even a beautiful Ikebana art piece provided by the Teikoku Kadouin Association at the entrance, inspired by Sumida's famous spring cherry blossoms and summer fireworks festival.

Participants were welcomed with drinks that included Tokyo Cider, a Nostalgic drink first produced about 70 years ago and brought back as an exclusive product of the Sumida area, and Sayama-Cha, a delicious green tea made in Tokyo. The stage was used for an insightful presentation on business events in the Sumida area.

It was here where they enjoyed a captivating Sumo performance enhanced by digital imaging technologies along with a variety of snacks, including Chanko Nabe (hotpot), a food traditionally eaten by Sumo. Every part of the experience in Kokugikan was considered to make for a memorable event.


Sumida Aquarium

Participants then moved to the Sumida Aquarium by boat or bus to experience how unique venues can be used for parties and networking events. This stylish venue has beautiful lighting evocative of its ocean theme. Participants were welcomed with a classical musical performance by musicians from New Japan Harmonic Sumida Tokyo for a memorable entrance. The food on offer took sustainability into account, particularly the drinks, including the beer Kuramae White (made from recycled bread crusts).

Food included dishes made from locally sourced Edo-Tokyo vegetables and dishes served in edible cups to reduce waste. Other festivities participants enjoyed while snacking included a dazzling flair, bartending juggling performance, and Geisha, in traditional Japanese dress and makeup, were present whom participants could take photos with to remember the event.

Sumida Aquarium provided the perfect atmosphere for networking, with participants mingling among themselves while enjoying the party like atmosphere.

The showcase gave participants exciting ideas on how both venues can be utilized for memorable business events.


About the Venues     

Kokugikan is Tokyo's famous stadium for sumo tournaments. Its hanging roof over the sumo ring and pictures of famous sumo decorating the building create a truly unique atmosphere, ideal for planners and organizers looking for an authentically Japanese mood. The stadium can be converted into a 1,600 square meter business event space, which accommodates 10,500 theatre-style, 600 for banquets, and 1,000 for receptions. There is also a 600 square meter hall area that accommodates 400 for banquets and 600 for receptions. For a bespoke experience truly available nowhere else, why not have your next event in Tokyo's heart of all things sumo?

Sumida Aquarium is located within the Tokyo Solamachi (a.k.a. Tokyo Skytree Town®), and is also within close proximity to cultural attractions such as Asakusa. It can be hired for special events, where the lighting of the ssssAquarium can give business events a special atmosphere. Up to 1,994 square meters, accommodating 300 standing, is available for private hire.

Please visit our Tokyo Unique Venues website to see the various venues that can give your business event that unique Tokyo flavor.