Social Programs & Cultural Events

Here are some handy suggestions for your next activities agenda that create a memorable time together learning about - and experiencing firsthand - traditional and uniquely Japanese customs and crafts.

Ideas for Group Experiences

Sustainable Experiences

  • Rooftop Honey Bees

    Honey from the Ginza office building

  • Walking Tour

    Nostalgic Tokyo cityscape experience

  • Plastic Fishing

    Clean-up experience while enjoying the view of Tokyo

  • Kimono Upcycling

    Create new value through upcycling old Kimono

Traditional Experiences

  • Karate

    The art of combat

  • Zazen

    Seated meditation

  • Trying on Kimono

    Wear Japanese traditional dress

  • Origami

    Ingenious paper folding

  • Ikebana

    The Japanese art of flower arrangement

  • Tea Ceremony

    The aesthetic practice of making tea

  • Japanese Paper Making

    Create hand-made washi paper

  • Sumo

    Experience Japan’s national sport

  • Ukiyoe Woodblock Printing

    Hand-carve Japanese-inspired artwork

  • Awa Odori

    Lively dance rhythms to fire up your group

Perfect for Team Building

  • Japanese Cooking

    Learn a hands-on Japanese recipe

  • Sushi Making

    Try your hand at this traditional skill

  • Wagashi Making

    Make your own traditional Japanese sweets

  • Taiko Drumming

    Build team spirit beating as one

  • Yoga

    Calm down with yoga lessons at a Buddhist temple



  • Japanese Shakuhachi

    A performance to tug at the heartstrings

  • Taiko Performance

    Thrill your team with a live performance

  • Performance of Japanese Instruments

    Old instruments played in new ways

  • Gagaku

    Traditional court music

  • Ryoma Quartet

    Beautiful music with traditional roots


  • Nihon Buyo

    A serene and beautiful dance performance

  • Dream Yosakoi

    A Japanese original group dance

  • SIRO-A

    Techno circus


  • Shishimai Lion Dance Performance

    A cultural crowd pleaser

  • Wazuma

    A traditional Japanese magic show

  • Noh “Hagoromo-Banshiki”

    Visually stunning theater

  • Calligraphy Performance

    A display of skill with ink and brush

  • Ninja

    A Japanese classical "ninja" martial art demonstration

  • Kagami Biraki

    Barrel breaking of Japanese sake