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New Leading Areas for Business Events in Tokyo

26 Nov 2020 NEWS

Recently two new areas - Shibuya and Takeshiba were added to the list of leading areas, made it 9 in total.

Shibuya Area

Shibuya has been developing as a business district with many international IT companies located there. The "Shibuya Bit Valley" project aiming to become a global IT industrial town is progressing successfully, and nowadays, Shibuya is proud to be the area with the highest number of IT companies established in the City. The buzz in the area increased considerably when Google Japan also moved to Shibuya. Moreover, large-scale redevelopment is carried out around Shibuya Station with new facilities built one after another, and will continue until 2027.

Takeshiba Area

Takeshiba is an area that fuses successfully traditional culture, nature and the latest technology. This area was selected as National Strategic Special Zone to promote the development of digital content industry. On the other hand, Hama-rikyu Gardens, one of the leading cultural properties of Tokyo, is also located in Takeshiba and can be used as a unique venue. It is easy to reach famous tourist spots like Asakusa and Ryogoku by ship from Waters Takeshiba, a complex facility including pier, hotel, theater, park and shopping mall, newly opened in April this year. There is also a regular boat between Takeshiba and Haneda Airport, situated across Tokyo Bay.

Both areas are highly expected to serve as prominent new leading areas for business events in Tokyo.