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01 Mar 2022 NEWS

The Japanese government has released further details regarding the easing of border restrictions from March 1.

New entries of foreign nationals such as business travelers, students, and other non-tourists will resume, and the cap on daily entries will be raised from 3500 to 5000. In addition, those traveling from countries and regions not on the designated list can waive quarantine entirely if they have had a booster shot.* If not, they will need to quarantine at home for three days then leave quarantine after a negative result from a COVID-19 test. Those from designated countries and regions with a booster shot will need to quarantine at home for three days and have a negative test result before leaving quarantine. If they have not had a booster shot, they will need to spend three days in government-designated accommodation.

*The following vaccines are currently valid for entry into Japan:
-1st and 2nd dose: Pfizer/ Moderna/ AstraZeneca/ Janssen
-3rd dose: Pfizer/ Moderna

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