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Spectacular Tokyo Unique Venue Facilities Reach 73

20 May 2022 NEWS

For planners and organizers looking for the perfect venue for their next business event in Tokyo, we are happy to announce that five new venues have been added to our Tokyo Unique Venues website for a total of seventy-three facilities.

New venues include the historical and atmospheric theater Umewaka Noh Academy Hall, two galleries/event spaces, the GARDEN Shinkiba FACTORY and SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (QFRONT), the exciting Sumida Aquarium, and a large outdoor space, the Yumenoshima Park Archery Field (photo below).

Hold your next event in Umewaka Noh Academy Hall and impress participants with the unique atmosphere of the Noh Theater venue, which can accommodate up to 300 people. The performance followed by a lecture on this ancient art form and viewing the traditional Noh Costume exhibition is perfect entertainment for various business events. This venue is highly recommended for those who want their event to have an authentically Japanese flavor.

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