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The World Veterinary Cancer Congress is Coming to Tokyo in March 2024


The Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) is delighted to announce that Tokyo has placed the winning bid to host the World Veterinary Cancer Congress (WVCC) on March 21 - 24, 2024. The Congress will be held at Hotel New Otani Tokyo.

WVCC 2024, the first such gathering in Japan, will be hosted by the Japan Veterinary Cancer Society (JVCS) in close cooperation with the Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS), European Society of Veterinary Oncology, Associação Brasileira de Oncologia Veterinária (ABROVET) and Asociación Mexicana de Oncología Veterinaria (AMONCOVET). The Congress is expected to attract over 900 participants, including 300 from abroad from more than 10 countries.

This quadrennial Congress will provide a unique platform for attendees to collaborate with specialists from veterinary oncology associations around the world to disseminate information on the latest advancements in clinical oncology and to share results obtained through research in the ongoing fight against cancer and cutting-edge treatment options.

The deciding factors for Tokyo's winning bid were Japan's high development and advancement of veterinary oncology, energetic promotion, and fostering of professional activities in clinical oncology within Japan. JVCS's contribution to the VCS' mission for education that enhances the practice of veterinary oncology and a generous subsidy from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) to provide financial and in-kind support for the Congress were also essential in the selection.

The convening of this Congress in Tokyo - the center of academic activities of numerous research-oriented societies - will significantly impact academia in Japan. The TMG and TCVB will continue to offer support to deliver a successful and unforgettable WVCC Congress in Tokyo.

About the Veterinary Cancer Society

The Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) was formed in 1976 by a small group of veterinarians whose goal was to establish a professional organization dedicated specifically to veterinary oncology.

The organization comprises nearly 1,300 specialists in medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation oncology, as well as internists, pathologists, and general practitioners from around the world. Professionals, students, residents, interns and technicians all form the membership of the Veterinary Cancer Society.

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