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Tokyo's Special Offers for Corporate Meetings and Incentive Travel Making Your Events Exclusive

07 Jun 2023 NEWS

The Business Events Team is thrilled to introduce this year's "Tokyo's Special Offers for Corporate Meetings and Incentive Travel," where three exciting new programs have been added to the list of options enabling organizers to incorporate experiences truly exclusive to Tokyo into their event itinerary.

The "Cha-No-Yu" Modernized Japanese Tea Performance is a ten to fifteen minutes modernized avant-garde performance of this ancient art. Symbolic of Tokyo's unique fusion of the traditional and ultramodern, this is a dynamic, non-traditional Japanese tea ceremony unlike anything you have seen before. Depending on the event size, participants may get the chance to try Japanese tea and sweets for themselves.

The "Wotagei" Performance, also ten to fifteen minutes, is a form of dance where performers use glow sticks in the dark to entertain the audience. With origins in Japanese otaku culture, popular in the Akihabara district of Tokyo as a form of cheerleading for Japanese pop singers, it has since become its own art form. Participants can even try out some of the moves for themselves for a memorable experience.

Sustainable Gin Distillery Visit is an hour-long program. Learn the surprising story of how a Japanese start-up became a world-renowned ethical gin distillery using waste products. The tasting of delicious, sustainably produced gins is the tour's highlight, and nonalcoholic cocktails are also available so that all delegates can be included in this fascinating program.

The Business Events Team is confident that our programs will capture the hearts of more group participants than ever before. Please do not hesitate to check Tokyo's Special Offers for Corporate Meetings and Incentive Travel and get in touch with us.