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Experiment to Explore Exciting Possibilities of Cooperation with Other Industries: The 9th MICE Innovation Study Group Assembly

06 Apr 2021 NEWS

The MICE Innovation Study Group assembled for the first time in a hybrid format in Congrès Square Haneda on March 18. In order to create new forms of business events required for the present and the post-COVID-19 ages, this study group has been continuing challenges to find solutions to current issues, new technologies, and exciting, innovative business opportunities through interaction with various industries and fields.

The 9th MICE Innovation Study Group assembly attracted about 170 participants. Five companies presented their services, and two companies did an actual demonstration of their technologies. The demo included infection control utilizing lifesaving and health support apps, contactless venue entrance/exit system, and utilization of avatars in business events. The participants commented that the demonstrated technologies raised their expectations to implement them at their own events.

By adapting to a wide variety of ways to hold business events and collaborating with other industries, new opportunities for stakeholders and the business events industry's development are highly anticipated.

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