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TCVB Releases the "Sustainability Experience in Tokyo"


Announcing the release of the "Sustainability Experience in Tokyo" to offer ideas to international conference organizers aiming to make their events in Tokyo more sustainable.

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) Business Events Team has released the "Sustainability Experience in Tokyo" -an exciting program selection offering ideas to international conference organizers aiming to make their events in Tokyo more sustainable.

The city has an abundance of resources to entertain international conference guests. The proposed programs integrate SDGs perspectives with the essence of Tokyo's rich traditional culture and history, which traces back 400 years, and the city's environmental and social aspects.

In total, there are 11 programs. One of the exquisite programs is "Tokyo's Rooftop Honey Bees." It consists of visiting a bee farm on the building roof in the Ginza district -Tokyo's most famous upscale shopping area in central Tokyo- and learning how these tiny creatures bring honeydew from Imperial Palace and Hamarikyu Gardens, just 2km away to their hives. The program also includes tastings of three kinds of seasonal honey harvested in Ginza. Beekeeping creates a hive of activity, enabling an environmentally conscious, friendly, and healthy city to coexist in harmony with nature.

All 11 programs were created so that visitors can enjoy Tokyo charms and at the same time contribute to the future of the City.

The "Sustainability Experience in Tokyo" concludes with a page with some tips on how to organize your business event responsibly, consciously, and sustainably.

Kazuko Toda, Senior Director of Business Events Tokyo, comments, "By releasing these programs, we are confident that they will make the guests' stay in Tokyo most satisfying. We also hope the meeting organizers will make good use of these programs that aim to contribute to the achievement of SDGs while offering the opportunity to experience unique activities and immerse in the traditional culture of Tokyo."

Sustainability Experience in Tokyo is published in English, and the PDF version is here.  

Please download the PDF version of the press release here.