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The Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) is pleased to announce that the Business Events Tokyo website has been renewed and re-opened this November.

The new site has been redesigned to cater to the needs of users and provide access to information in an easy-to-navigate format.

In particular, users can now view the Conference or Corporate event page that can be seen on the entry page, with each category providing one-stop information that is related to the selected type.

Through our renewed website, we will continue disseminating information about the safety measures being implemented and adopted in Tokyo to cope with the new era of co-existing with COVID-19.

Tokyo goes above and beyond expectations to ensure that your next business event is a splendid success. Our dedicated team at Business Events Tokyo is confident that the new website will help you plan your event in the best way possible.

Latest updates from the Corporate Events Team:

"Dango Making" Yummy Experience in Shibamata Introduced at an Online PR Event

This time, we visited Shibamata's old traditional store Takagiya to experience "Dango making" for an online PR program. "Dango" is one of Shibamata's specialties. It is a round dumpling, which is a famous gluten-free Japanese sweet treat enjoyed with sweet red beans, mitarashi (sweet soy) sauce, and roasted soybean powder.
This experience was promoted online for the first time during the Tokyo & Aichi-Nagoya Webinar. "Dango making" can be arranged as an in-person small group team building activity.

We are delighted to introduce a variety of Food Experiences that will fill your stomach with refreshing flavors and your heart with joy. Rest assured that we will continue to introduce more opportunities in the future. The programs can be customized to satisfy any dietary requirements or allergic restrictions. Vegetarian and halal options are also available.

Tokyo Corporate Events Promotion Graphics:

Tokyo Corporate Events Promotion Graphics:

We are proud to share with you our Corporate Events image for this year, which is created to showcase the image of the safest and cleanest city in the world: Tokyo.

The Corporate Events Team and our partners are now ready to provide safe and healthy Business Events in the capital of Japan.
Please feel free to contact us anytime for your future events at https://businesseventstokyo.org/contact_us/

The Corporate Events Team

New Leading Areas for Business Events in Tokyo

TCVB, together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), identifies groups and areas that are working together to actively draw business events to Tokyo. Two new areas, namely, Hamamatsucho-Takeshiba-Shibaura and Shibuya, were recently added to the list, for a total of nine leading areas.

Hamamatsucho-Takeshiba-Shibaura Area

Hamamatsucho-Takeshiba-Shibaura Area

Hamamatsucho-Takeshiba-Shibaura is an area that innovatively fuses traditional culture, nature, and the latest technology. This September, a new facility called Hamamatsucho-Kan was opened. It features four Exhibition Halls with a total area of 6,120 sqm and three conference rooms (83 sqm, 182 sqm, and 257 sqm) that are available for exhibitions, seminars, and other business events.
The area is home to many universities, including the famous Keio University, as well as large

companies in the energy and digital content industries, so expect that this place is brimming with various collaborations.

From here, it would be easy to visit popular tourist spots like Asakusa and Ryogoku by ship from Waters Takeshiba, a complex facility that has a pier within a beautiful waterfront space, a hotel, a theater, and a shopping mall that newly opened in April of this year. Access to the airport is excellent. Besides a regular boat that offers passage to and from this area and Haneda Airport, situated across Tokyo Bay, the place is also connected to the airport by the Tokyo Monorail line from Hamamatsucho Station.

The convenience and relaxed surroundings offered by Hamamatsucho-Takeshiba-Shibaura area, which is positioned at the center of a big city and in close proximity to the waterfront and green area, make it a very attractive venue for business events.

Shibuya Area

Shibuya Area

Shibuya is already a world-famous tourist spot in Tokyo for its Scramble Square. Furthermore, it has been considered as a developing business district that is home to many international IT companies. The Shibuya Bit Valley project aims to turn the place into a global IT industrial town, and it seems to be on track to achieve that goal. Nowadays, Shibuya is proud to be an area with a large number of IT companies established in the city.
Moreover, large-scale redevelopments are being

constructed around Shibuya Station, with new facilities built one after another. This trend will continue until 2027.

A wide range of hotels, from the gorgeous Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel--which is equipped with 2,500-sqm conference facilities including a 1,400-sqm main ballroom--to low-budget hotels, as well as an abundance of alleyways to shop at, cafes, bars, and restaurants to hang out, and entertainment facilities that are within a 500-m radius from Shibuya Station altogether make Shibuya a very attractive, leading area for business events.

BestCities Global Forum Held Virtually for Three Days

The BestCities Global Alliance, a collaboration of 12 leading meeting destinations worldwide in which Tokyo is a proud member, held its annual Global Forum online from November 17-19, 2020. The past Forums were held in Dubai, Tokyo, Bogota, and Copenhagen, but due to the pandemic, the fifth Forum was entirely virtual. The theme for this year's event was "Transform, Engage, and Impact". Many speakers presented discussions on the future of events, the best practices for associations during these unprecedented times, and the legacy of association meetings.

The next Global Forum will be held in person in Madrid, Spain from September 2-5, 2021. The details of the Forum are yet to be discussed, but according to Director David Nowak Pérez of the Madrid Convention Bureau, the three-day event will be focusing on inclusion through business events and the legacy that associations could bring to a destination.

One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020 Successfully Held in Hybrid Format

One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020 Successfully Held in Hybrid Format

A kick-off event for the OYW Summit -One Young World Tokyo Caucus- was held at BMW Tokyo Bay in Odaiba this October. The hybrid event was live-streamed to over 3,500 people in 46 countries in what was deemed as a huge success for everyone involved.
The OYW Summit will be held in Tokyo in May 2022.

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"Avatar" MICE Event in Tokyo Elevates Remote Experience to the Next Level

Five countries/10 locations (United States, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan) connected this October in Tokyo for an experimental workshop attended by 15 robots "Newme" as participants.

"Newme" is the world's first technology that employs robots (avatars) that allow users to connect from remote locations, as well as see, hear, and feel the remote world through the robot's senses.

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