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Recent Developments in the Tokyo Leading Areas for Business Events

09 Dec 2021 NEWS

In the December issue of our newsletter last year, we introduced two new areas added to the list of Tokyo MICE Hubs, the leading areas for business events in Tokyo. TCVB is delighted to broadcast the recent developments in these areas.

Shibuya MICE Association is the contact point for business events in the Shibuya area, providing a one-stop solution in this town, already world-famous for the tourist spot, the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, in Tokyo.
To promote Shibuya to the international market as an entertainment city perfect for business events, the Association created a new video, "Dive to the Scramble," available via Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

DMO SHIBA, Tokyo Bay, was newly founded this September in the Hamamatsucho-Takeshiba-Shibaura area. In close cooperation with approximately fifty companies and organizations, the DMO provides one-stop support for hosting business events in this waterfront area blessed with a rich natural environment, historical facilities, and fantastic easy access by sky, land, or sea.

The brand new website introduces the area's character, facilities, and various exciting activities the DMO can offer, including the Waterfront Environment Restoration Experience Tour. While interacting with waterfront creatures during the tour, participants experience the rich nature of Tokyo and learn about the role and creation of tidal flats and environmental issues.

Members of DMO SHIBA, Tokyo Bay, are implementing various initiatives to promote sustainability in the area. One of such initiatives is a "CO2 Zero MICE," replacing electricity used at the venue during an event with renewable energy - which allows CO2 emitted during power generation to be reduced to practically zero. The main hall and studio at the Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba became the first event hall to participate in this program. The above and other members' initiatives are introduced on the specially dedicated page on the DMO SHIBA, Tokyo Bay's website.

For more information about DMO SHIBA, Tokyo Bay, please visit here.
For more information about Shibuya MICE Association, please visit here.