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New Special Programs inspire our incentive groups

Tokyo welcomed three incentive groups in April 2018.

First off was a group of over 1000 members of a Swedish cosmetics company, who were visiting Tokyo for the company’s incentive trip. TCVB and its partners coordinated to make their visit a success, beginning with inspections of the event venues.
During the welcome dinner, participants also enjoyed a taste of traditional Japanese culture with a calligraphy performance, in which the Swedish company’s own logo was used as a motif. Later, during the award dinner, the legendary group SIRO-A gave a hypnotizing techno-circus performance. Their original high-energy routine was created specifically for the audience, and made for a very exciting evening! With support from local organizations, we were able to put up dozens of banners bearing the company’s name in an area of the Asakusa district close to Sensoji Temple. The incentive trip participants enjoyed their free time to the fullest in the especially welcoming surroundings.

Next, a global IT company held their Asia Pacific kick-off meeting in Tokyo. Here, TCVB provided a ninja performance. This was our first time coordinating such a performance, and we decided to push the envelope by combining the ninja performance with the traditional Japanese dance that had been planned by the event organizer. This ambitious plan came together perfectly. The organizer’s chief executive even joined the performance as a ninja, and the entire display was broadcast live to 25 countries around the world, receiving high praise from the viewers.

Finally, in early April, approximately 700 members of a Vietnamese insurance company gathered in Tokyo as part of the company’s incentive tour. TCVB arranged a giveaway, airport welcome, and various cultural performances including our new “Ota” performance program that was just added this year. “Ota” performances began as cheering routines created by otaku pop-culture fans. This style of energetic dance, performed with glowing batons, has recently garnered attention as an art form in its own right. The Vietnamese delegates were delighted by the performance and showed real team spirit when they, using the lights on their mobile phones, spontaneously joined in the dance.

Please see our website for more details. We’ve added five new programs this year, so consider trying them out for yourself!
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Tokyo to host the 1st Meeting of the International Societies for Investigative Dermatology in 2023

The 1st Meeting of the International Societies for Investigative Dermatology (ISID2023) will be held May 10th through 14th, 2023 at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. This convening of the ISID in Tokyo - the epicenter of the academic activities of many research-oriented societies the world over, will surely have a significant impact on dermatology studies throughout Asian and Oceanian countries, as over 2,500 specialists from more than 50 countries are anticipated to be in attendance.

The main factors which contributed to Tokyo winning the hosting bid was recognition of Japan’s long-standing contribution towards the ISID’s mission, strong support from academia and government institutions in Tokyo, and the long-term commitments made by Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology’s (JSID) former and current presidents and other members of the Japan Bid Committee to the goals of the ISID.

TCVB and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) fully supported the local bid committee as it prepared a full bid proposal and presentation materials for the Board; the assurance of commitments for financial and in-kind support from these organizations was also a decisive factor in Tokyo securing the privilege of hosting this convention.

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Tokyo Waterfront Area

Tokyo MICE Hubs

Tokyo Waterfront Area

The Tokyo Waterfront City Association acts as the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) of this area. It has partnered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to work tirelessly to provide a comfortable environment for visitors, and to ensure the area’s safety and security.

The Tokyo Waterfront Area is an ideal place to hold business events in an efficient manner.

The area is built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay that features excellent access from both Haneda (15min) and Narita (60min) Airports. It also boasts a high concentration of various facilities, including convention hotels like the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, the Hilton Tokyo Daiba, and even the biggest exhibition center in Japan, Tokyo Big Sight. All of these factors come together to make Tokyo an even more attractive setting for holding business events.

This area is surrounded by the ocean, giving it an open feel and allowing visitors to enjoy a spectacular view of both Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. This area also has a wide range of tourist attractions, including the “Miraikan” - the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, as well as commercial facilities like the Fuji TV headquarters, not to mention shopping malls, which are also great places for a night out, restaurants and amusement shops. Meanwhile, a variety of sports, food, and Japan culture events are held here throughout the year, making it an attractive area to visit for all sorts of businesses and all ages of people.

Finally, the Tokyo Waterfront Area is where the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games will be held in 2020. The area is developing rapidly. Construction is underway to allow the waterfront area to accommodate crowds of tourists coming in on large cruise ships, a new hotel is to open this autumn to further increase the over 3,100 rooms this area already has. Other developments are also in progress that will continue to raise expectations for the Tokyo Waterfront Area as prime area for business events.

For more information, please see: https://www.tokyo-odaiba.net/ or contact the Tokyo Waterfront City Association: info@twca.or.jp

Ginza Landmark Tokyu Ginza Plazas two gem spaces are ready to welcome your event

Tokyo Unique Venues

Ginza Landmark Tokyu Ginza Plaza’s two gem spaces are ready to welcome your event

Designed using the mixing of classic and modern styles for which Ginza is famous, the Edo Kiriko cut glass exterior of the Tokyu Ginza Plaza makes it a true Ginza Landmark.

Located on the sixth floor of Tokyu Ginza Plaza, the 160 square meter KIRIKO LOUNGE features a 27-meter-high atrium and can accommodate 120 people standing (70 people seated). This picturesque spot overlooking Ginza is an ideal venue for parties, receptions and other events and its hosts are happy to coordinate to meet any organizer’s needs.

Elsewhere, the rooftop KIRIKO TERRACE is 56 meters above the ground and comprised of two zones: the 540 square meter “Green Side” accommodates 120 people standing (80 people seated) and showcases the venue’s symbolic tree, the weeping sakura. Meanwhile, the 290 square meter “Water Side” features a wide basin and accommodates 150 people standing (100 people seated). Both zones are perfect as locations for an exciting event held high above the city.

For more information on unique venues, please see: http://businesseventstokyo.org/venues/unique-venues/ or contact TCVB

Humanoid male robot welcomes all guests at new opened Henn na Hotel Tokyo Hamamatsucho

Humanoid male robot welcomes all guests at new opened Henn na Hotel Tokyo Hamamatsucho

Many new hotels have opened in Tokyo recently, adding over 2,200 new rooms in the city within the last four months alone. This particular hotel chain is getting more and more popular among Tokyo visitors.

The Henn na Hotel chain (“henn” is Japanese for weird) just opened its new Hamamatsucho location, comfortably located just 16 minutes by train from Haneda Airport.

A cutting-edge humanoid male robot, the first of its type to be implemented at the hotel chain, joins the standard staff of female robots to welcome guests at the lobby and transform the ordinary check-in process into an unforgettable experience.

Setting itself apart from other hotels, Henn na Hotel Tokyo Hamamatsucho is designed based on the unique concept of “Comfortable Sleep and Good Health with AI”.
AI ROBO CLINIC conducts gene and intestinal flora tests and provides guests with personalized medical treatment and preventive care. Hotel guests can make reservations at the clinic easily by downloading the smartphone application.

All 118 guest rooms feature a variety of exciting and cutting-edge furnishings.
To ensure the above-mentioned “Comfortable Sleep”, each room is equipped with innovative BREATHAIR(R) mattresses which were specially designed for this hotel, and feature low hysteresis loss and high rebound properties. The “Good Health” concept is realized through the photocatalyst green art that helps reduce airborne bacteria, eliminate odor, and clean up dust in the rooms, and diatomaceous earth in the room ceilings that reduces odor and humidity.

For more information, please see: https://www.hennnahotel.com/hamamatsucho or contact: info-hamamatsucho@hennnahotel.com

SUIGIAN - a new theater-style restaurant and lounge presents a fresh new sensation

SUIGIAN - a new theater-style restaurant and lounge presents a fresh new sensation

An extraordinary world –SUIGIAN– has suddenly appeared in the central Tokyo district of Nihonbashi, right next to the Fukutoku Shrine grounds.
Guests are transported back in time to be served the delicious food, sake, Japanese tea, and sweets of the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods while enjoying authentic traditional performances such as Noh drama, Kyogen drama, and Nihonbuyo dancing, all of which are presented just as they were on stage during those eras. A dreamy banquet held here is sure to treat its participants to fresh new sensations which can be savored with all five senses.

All this is executed in combination with a traditional Japanese shitsurai decor that features antique interior items, also from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods, to create an astoundingly stylish and at the same time quaint and charming Japanese space. This venue is recommended for use as an exclusive space for a group of up to 60 VIP guests.

For more information, please contact: +81 3-3527-9378 or visit: https://suigian.jp/en/

Serene tropical oasis hidden in the city

Serene tropical oasis hidden in the city

Hotel New Otani Tokyo has put together an exciting new Summer Plan for private parties. Available until 30 September 2018, this attractive plan includes use of the spacious Garden Pool, or the poolside restaurant Outrigger, overlooking it from the 2nd floor. Surrounded by a stunning traditional Japanese garden, exclusive rental of this luxurious space is possible from 2 hours to a full day. The beautiful natural surroundings provide the perfect setting for incentive parties, making Hotel New Otani sure to be one of the hottest spots to cool off in Tokyo this summer.

For more information, please contact Hotel New Otani Tokyo, MICE Director: +81 3-3221-2016 or international@newotani.co.jp


Tokyo climbs the ICCA ranking

The 2017 ICCA Statistics Report has announced that Tokyo, where 101 international meetings were held in 2017, has jumped up from being ranked 21th to 18th worldwide.

Japan maintained its 7th place ranking with 414 meetings held.

Tokyo Unique Venues Brochure

Tokyo Unique Venues Brochure

Tokyo has created a new PR brochure that provides a description of 38 unique venues in the capital. The brochure outlines each facility in an easy to understand way, and features photographs of the venues in use during actual parties.
This brochure can be used to get an idea of the venues for your organization’s next event, or more practically as a sales tool for organization planners.

For more information, please click here.

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